Individual Health & Dental Insurance

If you are one of the many Canadians not fully covered by a group or employer health plan, you and your family may be vulnerable to healthcare expenses not covered by your provincial health insurance plan.

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When you have to pay routine expenses, the out-of-pocket expenses can add up very quickly. Unexpected expenses due to an accident or serious illness could be even more difficult to pay. Whether your focus is prescription drug coverage, dental care, extended health care like vision care, private or semi-private hospital accommodation, or travel coverage, there are plans available that provide you and your family the protection you want and shouldn’t do without.

You are eligible to apply as long as you’re a Canadian resident. (Quebec residents must also have RAMQ.) D.G. Dunbar Financial Services has access to a variety of individual health and dental plans to suit you, your family and your budget. Here is an example for you to review and learn more…

Manulife Financial offers Health, Dental and Extended Health Care benefits with the following options:
• Coverage for Individuals and Families
• Coverage for those who are self-employed or those whose group benefits have been terminated

FlexCare® offers 7 different health and dental plans (3 of which are guaranteed issue) and many add-on benefits so that you can design a health plan that best meets your specific needs.

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For those whose group health benefits have recently or will soon come to an end, there are also plans from which to choose. Varying levels of prescription drug coverage, vision care, extended health care, dental and more are available.  And because you are just leaving a group plan, your acceptance for these plans can be guaranteed. Completion of a medical questionnaire is not required.

You may be eligible to apply for these options within a specific time frame of your current  coverage end date, as long as you’re a Canadian resident. (Quebec residents must also have RAMQ coverage.)  This time frame may vary by company. Here is an example for you to review and learn more…

FollowMe™ offers 4 guaranteed issue plans which are designed to "bridge the gap" for people who are leaving a group plan due to job loss or retirement so that their health and dental coverage is not interrupted.  

As long as you apply within 60 days of leaving your group plan, you are guaranteed acceptance with FollowMe™.

Click here to learn more about FollowMe™
Association Health and Dental

Manulife Financial offers Association Health and Dental plans. Offering 8 different plan choices with options for Dental only and Dental + Drug benefits.

Click here to learn more about the Association Health and Dental plans.

For information on Group Benefits and group Health & Dental click here.

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