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D.G. Dunbar Financial Services delivers value to groups by focusing on a long-term, sustainable approach to group benefits; the "Managed" approach.

Our focus is on effective, ongoing claims cost management, and a constant search for innovative, leading-edge approaches to lock-in savings. The "Managed" approach contrasts with the "Traditional" approach which focuses on ethereal short-term cost savings with no cost-containment strategies.

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Adding Value

All association plans include value-added services, to give your members a great plan that will allow them to attract, protect and retain the best qualified workers.


D.G. Dunbar Financial Services, GroupHEALTH & Trucking - Partners For the Long-haul

D.G. Dunbar Financial Services, as a partner with GroupHEALTH Benefit Solutions, has been 'in the cab' with Canada's trucking industry. We are the designated group benefits provider for every provincial trucking assosciation from BC to Nova Scotia, as well as the umbrella Canadian Trucking Alliance itself.*

Like all great partnerships, it's been beneficial for all concerned. GroupHEALTH is so committed to the trucking industry that they created a dedicated product - AdvantagePLUSTM - specifically to meet the needs of its associations, and members.

Members expressed the need to contain spiraling long-term disability costs, which led directly to the development of Canada's original Mid-term DisabilityTM. Working closely with key employers, our insurers and Advisor Partner, this one-of-a-kind GroupHEALTH product was exactly the solution they needed and has collectively saved trucking companies hundreds of thousands of dollars. Mid-term Disability is only available to companies with 200 or more employees so the savings can really add up!

Social Services

  • Long Term Care
  • Community Living
  • Daycare
  • Housing
  • Retirement
  • Faith Based
  • Youth and Family Services

D.G. Dunbar Financial Services is a Certified CSBT Partner…

Community Services Benefit Trust (CSBT)

The CSBT is a non-profit trust that was formed in January 2002 by a group of not-for-profit community service organizations. Working together, these organizations created the Trust to provide fully insured, locally accessible benefits to social service organizations.

Administered by GroupHEALTH Benefit Solutions, the CSBT plan is offered through D.G. Dunbar Financial Services as an Advisor Partner. Our local representation allows agencies to build a relationship with us when providing solutions to meet the needs of each organization.

GroupHEALTH – The benefits of trust.

Our Key Principles

The CSBT was established on the basis of four key principles that continue to guide the Trust’s ongoing operations.

  1. The Plan is Fully Insured
    Member agencies have no financial liability associated with the plan’s financial successes or challenges. Member agencies’ only financial requirements are to pay their monthly premiums.
  2. The plan engages and consults with participating agencies
    The CSBT has regular communication with member agencies, and provides participating organizations with opportunities to provide feedback.
  3. The plan has no Infrastructure Requirements
    As a non-profit trust, the CSBT does not directly employ staff, own buildings or assets. To meet this mandate, the CSBT has outsourced the delivery of the plan to GroupHEALTH and their national network of Advisor Partners.
  4. The plan shall be delivered through local/regional service providers
    The CSBT utilizes a network of community-based Advisor Partners to deliver person-centered services to organizations across the country.


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D.G. Dunbar Financial Services licensed in Ontario, Alberta, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.
*D.G. Dunbar Financial Services is a current member of the Crane Rental Association of Ontario (www.cranerentalontario.com) and the Crane Rental Association of Canada (www.crac-canada.com)
*D.G. Dunbar Financial Services is a member of the Ontario Long Term Care Association (www.oltca.com)
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