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Employee Benefits

Tired of the 'Lowball this year, Hardball next year!' game?

You know the drill. Unbelievable proposal from a new provider that says they can save you 20% on your benefits package. Great! Then renewal time comes. Not so great. The first, one-time savings evaporate.

DG Dunbar Financial Services wants to save you money too, but over the long haul, not just once. We're committed to delivering sustainable savings from innovative products and approaches.

We use our expertise to build a benefit plan that protects your employees, provides the best overall value for your benefit dollars and keeps your benefits plan sustainable. We're continually looking for new ways for you to take care of your employees over the long term.

If your current provider says they can keep you selling the same old products, yet suddenly deliver different results at renewal time, then we should talk.


Why choose D.G. Dunbar Financial Services as your Employee Benefits provider?

Total transparency
Tired of 'Mystery Math' at quote or renewal time? We'll show you exactly how your premiums are arrived at, and what you get for your benefit dollars.

Best value in employee benefits
The costs associated with employee benefits double about every 6 years. Instead of just passing cost increases on to customers, we work on ways to keep costs down.

100% customized for you
As an independent benefits provider, we are able to customize plan elements that work for you and your employees. It starts with listening. Once our Advisor Partners have identified your specific requirements, we build a custom solution to provide you what works, not what we have on the shelf. Unique... just like your business.

Easiest online system for plan admins
All insurers, All Benefits - One System! (And... one bill)! For us to offer highly customized benefit solutions, we needed a great online benefit administration tool.


*D.G. Dunbar Financial Services is a current member of the Crane Rental Association of Ontario (www.cranerentalontario.com) and the Crane Rental Association of Canada (www.crac-canada.com) 

*D.G. Dunbar Financial Services is a member of the Ontario Long Term Care Association (www.oltca.com)

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